The value of communications writing is obvious. Effective written communication enhances customer satisfaction, increases inter-organizational efficiency, and boosts an organization’s image in industry and community. In addition, good writing skills promote logical thinking and clarify issues. However, many organizations still struggle to understand the importance of communications writing. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why organizations need good writers. Read on to discover the most important reasons why you need a good communications writer.

Effective Communication is Essential To Building Relationships

If your message is unclear and illogical, your audience will have trouble understanding what you’re trying to say. Effective communication helps define goals, identify problems, and arrive at solutions. The value of communications writing extends to all aspects of the business. Executives must write memos that avoid misunderstanding, sales representatives must describe features in a way that intrigues prospects, and human resource managers need to note incidents.

Written Communication Also Provides Objectivity. Unlike verbal communication, written communication is planned, deliberate, and standardized. This is especially important in business communication, which demands objectivity and clarity of thought. Verbal communication is also highly subjective, so it cannot offer this. Written communication, on the other hand, can be more precise and concise. This precision and clarity are impossible to achieve through non-verbal communication. So, the value of communications writing is obvious.

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